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Chiffon Polkadot Dress IDR 62000 (Terjual!!)

Chiffon Polkadot Dress
Only Grey Colour is available
IDR 62000

Let's look at how to: Dress to Look Thinner
Dress Thinner Tip #1: Wear the right size.
Dress Thinner Tip #2: Long skirts for tall women, below the knee for short.
Dress Thinner Tip #3: Patterns fool the eye.
Dress Thinner Tip #4: V-line neck and waist.
Dress Thinner Tip #5: Boot-cut pants, no flared or tapered legs.
Dress Thinner Tip #6: Avoid middle/waist bulk.
Dress Thinner Tip #7: Wear heeled shoes.
Dress Thinner Tip #8: Minimum jewelry, size appropriate.
Dress Thinner Tip #9: Avoid pleats.
Dress Thinner Tip #10: Foundation garments.
Yes, ladies, this means your underwear! It’s ironic this article ends where the dressing begins, but foundation garments make all the difference.

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