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Tips: Where to Wear Casual Dresses

While women's casual dresses will carry you through many occasions, there are still some events where you should opt to wear dressier attire.

Some business environments that have a more relaxed dress code may allow you to wear casual dresses, but you should use your discretion when choosing what to wear. Even in a business casual setting, you may need to pair your casual dress with a smart jacket or cardigan to present a professional image. In the summer, a cotton shift dress would be appropriate, but cover it with a blazer to make sure you adhere to appropriate dress policies. Once you leave the office, you can remove your jacket and enjoy the warm summer's day.

For early afternoon weddings, you don't have to wear the more formal-type attire that an evening wedding calls for. You can sport a casual dress for a daytime wedding, but it should still fit into the venue. If it's a church wedding, wear a dress appropriate to the setting. A garden wedding will be more relaxed, however.

For weekends, casual dresses paired with sandals, either flat or high-heeled, are the perfect ensemble. The accessories you choose can dress your look up or down. Higher heels, jewelry and a sophisticated edge lends you a more elegant feel; sneakers or flat sandals and a looser fit will be more casual. If you want to create a very pulled-together look, don't forget a hat. The right hat adds an extra touch that will not only keep the sun off of your face but will add some panache.

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