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Tips On How To Dress Perfectly For Your Body Type
an article by Janet Martin

Movie stars and celebrities look gorgeous in almost anything they wear because they have stylists that help them dress according to their body shapes. These celebrity stylists are paid big bucks to make sure that the assets of their Hollywood A-lister clients are magnified or emphasized, while their flaws are completely hidden from the prying eyes of the madding crowd.

You can actually look good and beautiful like the people you idolize on TV and the movies if you just learn to accept your body type, embrace your flaws and know your assets. Here are some tips that will help you determine which type of shirts, pants and dresses will enhance what you already have and hide your not-so-flattering flab.

If You Have Straight Hips

Layering is one of the things you can do to give an illusion of fullness and curve. You can try wearing a dress over your pants, especially if you have long legs. If the weather is cold, go ahead and add a sweater. Do not be afraid to bulk up because this is precisely what you need to avoid looking so straight and wafer thin.

Skinny jeans will emphasize your thin legs, but make sure that you choose a pair that has a lighter wash. Dark colored jeans will make your legs look thinner and assert your hips. If you are a person who loves to wear skirts, it is advisable for you to choose one that has a straight cut. Jumpers can also help draw attention to your slim shape.

If You Have Curvy Hips

Do not curse your hips for being wide and curvy. Although you may not look like a skinny model, there are more guys who want to see some fat on your butt and hips. What you can do to emphasize your to-die-for feminine physique is wear a shirt or blouse that clinches or wraps up your middle.

Bright colored bubble or tiered skirt can also do wonders for your shapely hips. The ruffles and the bright colors will surely help draw attention to your assets. Another trick to accentuate your hourglass shape is wearing a wide belt (the wider the better) so as to emphasize the difference between your waist and hips.

If You Have Full Breasts

Thank the heavens if you have the gift of full breasts that women naturally long for. Since you have been given these wonderful assets, it would be a shame if you do not flaunt them. Emphasize your full breasts without necessarily looking like a tramp. You can do it by finding a top or blouse that has some ruches or designs near the bust.

You do not have to show flesh to make men ogle. What you actually need is a simple top dress that has a fitted bodice. This is enough to show off your curves and shape.

An important thing that women with full bust should remember is to wear a supportive bra. If your bra is not providing proper support and is too small for you, you will feel uncomfortable and your assets will become liabilities. To have cleavage and really perky-looking breasts, find a bra that has big back straps and full cups.

If You Have Small Breasts

Having small breasts is not really something to complain about. There are a lot of things you can do to enhance your small bust. First, you can wear loose tops and blouses that have interesting and unique necklines. The exceptional designs will be the focal point of your look and not your small chest.

Plunging necklines are also ideal for you. You can show some flesh without looking promiscuous and too exposed. Just look at how gorgeous Debra Messing and Kate Hudson appear in a dress with ultra-low d├ęcolletage.

You can also physically enhance your breasts even without breast augmentation surgery. By using lotions and other topical creams that improve the size of your breasts, you have a safer and cheaper option other than going under the knife and having breast implants. One product that you can use to enhance your breasts is Clevastin. Visit http://www.clevastin.com/ for more details about this product.

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