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Koleksi Baju Murah Wirasa Butik Desember 2009

Koleksi baju murah Wirasa Butik di bulan Desember 2009 akan segera dilaunching. Sudah menjadi komitmen kami untuk selalu menyediakan baju eceran murah harga grosir. Cek koleksi kami di http://facebook.com/wirasabutik.

How to Save Cash When Buying Clothes

an article by Laura T. Coffey

These tips can help you experience the thrill of beating the system.

1. Figure out precisely when to hunt for bargains. Your favorite stores will have several big sales throughout the course of the year. With a minimal amount of advance planning, you can time things so you shop only during the best sales. If you don’t feel like monitoring the ads in your local newspaper, call the stores directly and ask for details.

2. Get thee to the back of the store. Make it a regular habit to scour those hidden-away discount racks first. You’ll find plenty of marked-down garments there, and sometimes the deepness of the discounts is shocking. Those same clothes likely were on display at full price in the front of the store just a few short months or weeks ago.

3. Be a savvy Internet shopper. Visit the Web sites of your favorite stores and clothing catalogs and look for online-only sales. Click on any link that says “sale,” “new markdowns” or “final clearance.” It’s not at all uncommon to spot dresses or suits that used to cost $100 or more lurking in final clearance sections for $19.99 or even $9.99. If you’re really sneaky, you can try clothes on at your nearest retail store first to make sure they fit and then buy them online for less. Just make sure that excessive shipping charges won’t turn your online deal into a dud.

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How to Save Cash When Buying Clothes

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